Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Scientific Committee for Pedagogy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the XVIII. National Conference on Education takes place at the Eötvös Loránd University’s Faculty of Education and Psychology on 8-9-10 November 2018.

We invite you to participate in the most prestigious pedagogical conference in Hungary, where research diversity, educational practice and collaborations are in the focus.

The choice of the abovementioned theme, on the one hand, reflects on the interdisciplinary nature of educational sciences, the diversity in research suggests the coexistence of different scientific paradigms and approaches, and their enriching effect on each other, while on the other hand it also implies that research cannot be interpreted without practice, it aims social and practical utilization. Moreover, it points out that collaboration is appreciated more and more both in research workshops and educational practice. These collaborations and networks promote the growth and spread of scientific results, as well as their control.

Register with theoretical and empirical work and research results from the field of education and its neighbouring sciences.

For more information, please browse our website. In case you have any question or comment, please contact the organizers via e-mail (

Budapest, 15 April 2018

Anikó Fehérvári
Chair of the conference

Krisztián Széll
Secretary of the conference

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